PCCTV EP 12 2015

Our final PCCTV for 2015 and it is jammed packed with some great stories. We hope you enjoy!
Thank you to the following students who worked on this episode.

Isaac Orchard, Adam Coustley, Harry Arney, Lily Nicholson, Ella Nicholson, Harshanti Reddy, Lily Anstee, Natalie Schoeman, Ada Cardona, Lina Legenhausen, Matt Sjostrom, Joss Van Der Westhuizen.

Year 8-9 Bali Tour
Beach Party Disco
Cyber Safety Week
Indonesian Market Year 6
Farewell Mr Hayes
Yr 6 Natural Disaster Day
7-9 Posture Lecture 
Professor Bunsen
Prep - Tooth Fairy Visit
Yr 7 Camp
Yr 9 Graduation
Bully Stoppers Animation

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